Sunday, 18 August 2019

Import/Export Products


  • Surgical Equipment from leading manufacturers in Pakistan, USA and Germany
  • Cherries from Tasmania to China
  • Cinnamon, Pepper, Fruits and Vegetables direct from plantations in Sri Lanka
  • Wine and Apricots from Australia
  • Tablets from China
  • Motor Components from Philippines and the Czech Republic
  • Car Screen Wipers from China
  • Small Planes from Czech Republic.

 Other products being considered.









Our company  under Austglobebiz  is the exclusive representative in Australia and the Philippines  (and negotiations are proceeding on other countries) of  Q.Z.A International of SIALKOT a leading surgical manufacturer with an impressive history of over 50 years and  known for its quality product used all over the world. It produces high quality Surgical, Dental, Veterinary and Manicure instruments and Scissors of all sorts. The proud family owned company is known for its flawless quality products, using best quality steel, the most modern technology and all that at most competitive prices.

Q.Z.A. International export market is substantial and represents a 4 Million of USD in USA per annum alone, which should give you confidence.

We as Austglobebiz are in constant touch with Q.Z.A Directors and senior staff and together we strive to deliver your orders with minimum delay cutting red tape, eliminate costly administration, lower shipping costs  and assist you, our customers to get the best quality product at most competitive prices.

Please indicate the approx. size of your orders so we can structure the best price, lower shipping costs and suitable invoicing. We invite you to visit Q.Z.A International or our website for a price list.


***Special offer 10% discount on orders on or over $20,000***



We represent DELIGHT PLASTIC COMPANY one of the leading business group with international office in UK, UAE & USA and we are now starting an office for them in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. OTINS Instruments are being used by leading hospitals in UAE. 

This company has over 30 year’s tradition in exporting globally and we are on personal basis in telephone hook-ups in touch with the owners, directors and top managers. Please check the catalog and register your interest. We will negotiate prices on direct orders, cutting out red tape, minimizing expenses and negotiating lower transport prices.

They are manufacturers of Household plastic products, unique in design and variety. Please inspect their enclosed catalogue.

Their coolers pictured below are fast selling and on high demand.




Direct from SHENZHEN WATCHER, a company known for quality.

see the price list and the full description of all tablets which are guaranteed for two years. They are in 7, 8, 9.7 and 11 inches. All with two cameras. You will be dealing direct with the factory at factory prices.We are representing then as an Australian office and are in full personal contact with the owners of the company. We have just returned from inspecting their factory in Shenzhen, China and was impressed by the production and staff dedication.

See Price List 7, 8, 9.7



We represent EVEKTOR,Leading Manufacturers of small planes, Manufactured in Czech Republic and exported world wide.They have exported many aircrafts during this year to USA, Germany, Italy, UK, Brazil, Spain and Russia.

May we suggest that you advise us of your interests and we will make sure that the deal is done direct with minimum of red tape and admin expenses to your full satisfaction.

We welcome to hear from you.


EVEKTOR – Leading Manufacturers of small planes, Manufactured in Czech Republic and exported world wide



We represent a number of leading wine producers who can supply bulk and bottled wine under their labels. Or we can arrange for purchases own labels if required.


Australian Wine



With AMERICAN HIGHTECH INSTRUMENTS INC  based in Washington we distribute  Teaching equipments  used by medical nursing schools.




Special Offer by Australian government to provide permanent visas to Chinese citizens who invest minimum of 5 million AUD in Australia.



Tasmanian Cherries growers, Mildura Apricot growers and leading Australian wine growers are keen to supply, world wholesalers and distributors with quality products, keen pricing and service.

Let us have indication of your requirements, quantities and qualities and we will negotiate attractive pricing and follow all orders trough to speed up deliveries.




Straight from the plantation owners to the wholesalers of the world. No middle men. Let us make you more competitive and increase your profit.